Zuka's Guide to Different Types of Jewelry

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Jewelry can be an excellent fashion statement. It is also known as bling. It is the glitz, the glamour, the dazzle; the pomp; the glitter; the gaudy; the ostentatious; the razzle dazzle; and/or the glamorous part of fashion.

There are many things to know when you are looking for the perfect piece of jewelry. It is not just about the prices. It is what you are getting for your money. Below are some tips to help pick jewelry that will impress any friend or family member and some basic knowledge about jewelry. 

Types of Jewelry

Rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and brooches are all kinds of jewelry you can use to show your personality. But before we dive in further, let’s talk first about the most common types of jewelry. Knowing the symbolism and purpose of each kind will help you pick the right one.


The first thing that comes to mind when you think of a necklace is probably an expensive diamond choker worth thousands of dollars. However, if you think about it, a necklace is more than just a trendy accessory that completes an outfit or a look. It symbolizes femininity and charm by accentuating the fine features of the neck. Although it draws attention to the cleavage, it doesn’t denote sexuality at all.

A necklace can be everything from a simple pendant that is strung together with a chain to an elaborate piece of jewelry that includes chains, beads, precious stones, crystals, pearls, etc. It all depends on what you are looking for in terms of style, quality, value, and price. You can make your own necklace or you can opt for the traditional route by purchasing one online at ZUKA Jewelry.


Bracelets are worn by many people today, especially women. Some people wear bracelets for practical purposes, like medical alert bracelets. However, there are also many who choose to wear bracelets to showcase their personalities. With the wide variety of materials used for bracelets, there is a wide variety of symbolism and styles.

Bracelets are a great jewelry staple that can be worn with any outfit. They come in all shapes and sizes, and feature lots of different materials. The most common ones are made from metal, but you can also find bracelets made from leather and rubber.


Earrings are sexy accessories that cannot be missing from your jewelry box. They are perfect for everyday use, for special occasions, or simply to brighten up your daily outfit. In recent years, earrings have been increasingly worn on every part of the body from the ear, to the nose, to the lips, as a permanent or temporary tattoo.

Although ears have been pierced as long as men and women have existed, earrings date back as far as 4000 BC. They were worn as a symbol of social status and power.

The earliest known type of earrings were made from shells and were used mostly by male rulers to show their power and wealth. For a long time, earring styles were limited to a few simple styles. However, the 20th century introduced new kinds of designs and materials, which opened up new possibilities for earring designers.

Today, there are many available types of earrings.

What’s Your Purpose for Buying?


Jewelry is a great way to show your loved ones you care. What kind of jewelry to choose depends on the occasion and the person you're buying it for. Jewelry with a birthstone is a great idea for birthdays. Many people buy onyx for their spouses, because it strengthens their marriage. Silver or gold is best for 25th and 50th wedding anniversaries, and pearls on a bracelet or on a necklace for engagements. When you graduate from college, you should buy some silver earrings, pin, or charm to commemorate your achievement. For holidays, gifts, and celebrations of achievements, consider this when choosing the best type of jewelry. Some other occasions are weddings and engagements. Whatever the occasion may be, pick something that expresses your feelings and consider what kind of jewelry you'll receive as a gift.


If you’re going to attend an event and you want to sport your best look, consider your outfit first. Gold and precious stones would look best at formal events, but remember that less is more. You want to look elegant and polished, so choose minimalist styles with the greatest impact.

Everyday Use

Your lifestyle really comes into play when choosing what type of jewelry you should buy. Are you active? What’s your job like? Do you use your hands a lot?

Women with warm skin tones, such as those with African ancestry, look great in gold jewelry. Women with cool skin tones, such as those that don’t get a tan, look great silver jewelry.

The way to know what your skin tone is is to look at the veins on the back of your hand. If they look blue, you have a cool undertone and if they look green you have a warm undertone. The best way to figure out what type of metal will suit you is by looking at the jewelry that’s already in your wardrobe. For example, are wearing gold or are most of your earrings silver or are most of your necklaces gold? If most of the jewelry is silver then choose silver jewelry.

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