What is Confidence and How Can Jewelry Help Boost It?

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What is Confidence?

Have you ever felt so good, so comfortable in your own skin that everything you said was well received? Have you ever made a decision confidently and followed through on it with ease? Confidence is what allows us to wear the clothes we love, go places where we are unfamiliar or take risks despite our fears. The bottom line happiness comes from confidence!

If you've ever noticed that other people seem to be confident all the time then maybe its because they put their minds to it. It's not easy but if it were everyone would do it. The first step towards happiness starts with knowing yourself and loving yourself (yes ladies I mean loving every bit of you, stretch marks included!) You can't expect someone to make you feel beautiful if you don't think you are.

It is true that happiness comes from happiness, when you feel confident about yourself you will put in more effort for others; in turn making them feel good about themselves too! Confidence can lead to happiness in many ways, it's important to work on confidence because happiness leads to success goes the saying (we like sayings at Zuka).

Being your best self is all about reaching goals and never giving up, even when life throws bumps in the road make sure you know how to detour around them. If you don't believe in yourself then no one else will either. So join us this summer here at Zuka our number one priority is happiness and bringing others up and we hope that someday everyone will be kind to one another!

How to Become More Confident

What is happiness?

Happiness comes from happiness, happiness leads to confidence happiness leads to success goes the saying. (We want you to Succeed at Zuka) When you feel confident about yourself then this happiness will overflow into everything that you do! You can increase your confidence by doing things to make yourself happy, for example wearing accessories like some statement earrings. More happiness, more confidence!

If everyone worked on being their best self everyday then we could hopefully achieve world peace and we agree that its important for all of us right now. Do something everyday that makes you look forward to tomorrow and remember we here at Zuka are rooting for you!

Jewelry Induces Confidence

Jewelry is a great way to accessorize any outfit and add a little something extra for everyone. The right piece of jewelry can make or break an outfit, you could be wearing your favorite outfit but if you don't have the perfect statement necklace or earrings that go with it then you might not feel as confident in what you're wearing.

When you have a nice statement piece as a part of your outfit, this leads us to happiness, happiness comes from happiness comes from happiness...you get the point happiness comes from within and multiplies, that is a fact. Everyone wants happiness in their life and happiness can be achieved through many different ways, one of them being purchasing the things that will make you feel more confident and believe in yourself.

If you choose to have a new pair of earrings for your birthday it can make you feel better about yourself because now your ears are accessorized which means you look good! Looking good leads to feeling good so when people compliment how amazing you look or ask where you got your earrings from, this will stir up the butterflies in your stomach, and you will explode with confidence as the beautiful woman you are!

Looking great is only half the battle, the other half is feeling great! Since looking good and feeling great go hand in hand (literally) wearing jewelry can be a way to accomplish this wonderful feeling.

How do I throw happiness into everything that I do?

You can start by loving yourself, throw happiness fireworks, be kind to others and show compassion. If you want people to value your time make sure you value theirs too! We all have 24 hours in one day why waste them being unhappy?

Some things that might make you happy are: making a new purchase, showering yourself with compliments (say nice things about yourself- if no one else says it then say it to yourself!), spending quality time with friends or family or just getting out of bed when the alarm goes off in the morning are all small ways to increase confidence. Zuka wishes you the best of luck in all of your endeavors, and look forward to the next post. Thanks for reading!

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