How to Choose the Best Jewelry for Your Face Shape

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Well-chosen jewelry can make you look and feel great, but if you don’t know how to shop for it, you might end up with something that makes your face look bigger than it is. Below are several quick and easy tips to help you choose the best jewelry for your face shape that will enhance the way you look and feel about yourself.

Jewelry for Your Face Shape

The first thing you want to do is figure out your face shape. If you don’t know what your face shape is, try looking in a mirror and drawing your facial features (hairline, brow, chin, etc.). Next, take note of where all these features line up on your face. Are they angled? Round? Square? When determining face shape, it’s important to take both width and length into account.

Jewelry for Round Faces

For round faces, less is more. You can draw attention to your best features by wearing necklaces that are longer. Drop earrings are also a great choice because they elongate your face. Choose studs or posts over dangles—the former will give you balance without making you look heavy on top.

Earrings for Long Faces

People with long faces tend to have a hard time finding clothes and jewelry that flatter their figure, but it can be done. Consider wearing earrings as your go-to accessory. They’re simple and they’ll draw attention away from any features you want to hide (like a long chin). Avoid big chunky earrings or necklaces that will just elongate your face even more.

Diamond Shaped Faces

Diamond-shaped faces—with a narrower chin and wider forehead and cheekbones—should avoid heavy earrings. Instead, opt for studs or hoops to draw attention to your strong features. Earrings should only be worn on one ear, not both. And while diamond-shaped faces can pull off any style of necklace, they look best in thicker chains that can soften their sharper angles.

Earrings for Heart-Shaped Faces

If you have a heart-shaped face, it is usually clear with minimal or no cheekbones. Heart-shaped faces are characterized by a rounded jawline and rounded cheeks. Wearing jewelry that is bigger and more prominent than your features will help balance out your look and bring out your eyes and cheekbones.

Jewelry for Square Shaped Faces

Square faces have great bone structure and it’s a real compliment to have a square face as it is considered very attractive. You should only be wearing jewelry that draws attention to your best features. Square faces look great with gemstone drop pendants, hang long enough that they rest on your chest rather than straight down from your ears.

Choose Jewelry for Your Outfit

Different outfits call for different jewelry choices. You don’t want to wear long, dangly earrings with a T-shirt and jeans; likewise, you won’t want to wear big chunky necklaces with a cocktail dress. When deciding what pieces to add to your outfit, keep your outfit in mind and choose accordingly!  In general, if your outfit is elegant or simple, then go for dazzling jewelry like Cubic, Gold-Plated Zircon Earrings. If you’re wearing an overdone look, then edgy accessories like gold hoops are perfect complementing pieces.

Choose Earrings for Your Collar Shape

A collared shirt (or any high-necked outfit) should be paired with plain, delicate jewelry that won’t overpower it. Be sure to avoid big or flashy necklaces, and opt instead for simple chains and stud earrings. If you’re wearing a necklace with a larger pendant, choose smaller earrings and vice versa.

Choosing to wear jewelry that is just right can-do wonders for your appearance. The shape of your face determines whether certain pieces will emphasize features you want to highlight or deemphasize features you want to hide, so choosing correctly is key! This guide should help you choose jewelry that looks great on your face shape. Check out our jewelry collection to find your perfect piece.

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